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Types of eye ointment and how to use it appropriately

Eye ointment is often used to treat eye problems. Unfortunately, there are still many people who are confused and wrong in using eye ointments, so the drugs in these ointments do not work optimally. There are various eye problems that can be treated with eye ointments, ranging from dry eyes, itchy eyes, to eye infections. Therefore, the type of eye ointment also varies depending on the underlying cause. Types of Eye Ointment The following are some common types of eye ointments: 1. Eye ointment to treat dry eyes Ointments containing paraffin are generally given to treat dry eye problems. This type of ointment can moisturize and lubricate the surface of the eyeball, so it does not dry easily. 2. Eye ointment to treat allergies This ointment contains antihistamine drugs that work to treat allergic symptoms in the eye, such as red eyes accompanied by itching and watery eyes. 3. Eye ointment to treat bacterial infections Eye ointments that contain antibiotics are often used to t
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Fever Compress when Body Temperature Increases

Fever can be experienced by everyone regardless of age. So that the body feels more comfortable when a fever strikes, as well as to help lower body temperature, a fever compress can be one way that can be done. Naturally, the body has a defense system that is able to provide resistance to bacterial or viral infections. When this "war" in the body occurs, our body will experience a rise in temperature, aka fever. The body is said to have a fever if its temperature rises to more than 38 degrees Celsius. Apart from the response of the body's defense system to bacterial or viral infections, fever can also be caused by excessive sun exposure, immunization, side effects of certain drugs, or autoimmune diseases. Fever compresses, which are allowed and those that are not Fever is often not caused by something dangerous and will subside by itself after a few days. Even so, increased body temperature can make the body feel unwell. To relieve it, you can do a fever compress.

How to Use Aluminum Foil for Durable Food

Aluminum foil is increasingly used for cooking. Not only commonly used by professional chefs, but also widely used by mothers to prepare food at home. With an average thickness of about 0.2 mm, the sheet metal foil is quite flexible. The sheets can be easily folded, rolled and shaped, so that they are practically used as food wrappers. In addition to food, aluminum foil is also widely used for cosmetics, chemical products, and industrial supplies. The way aluminum foil works in protecting food is by blocking exposure to oxygen, odors, germs, light and humidity of the air to food. This makes food more durable. Aluminum is also able to function as an insulator, both for hot and cold conditions, so that the temperature of the food does not change for several hours. If there is no refrigerator, then cover the food with aluminum foil to keep the food taste and smell the same. Place food that has been coated with aluminum foil in a dry, cool, and not exposed to sunlight. If you want to